Can The Economy Ever Be Kind? | Free Word

22 October 2020

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The Black Economists Network


Elmyra Chinje of The Black Economists Network explores the idea of a kind economy and how it could work in practise in this newly commissioned article.  

In the throes of a global recession there have been many calls for a ‘kinder’ economy. The idea of a universal basic income, a green industrial revolution and a 4-day week have all recently come to the forefront of economic debate, but what do these economic models offer to the most vulnerable in our society? 

With Black and Brown people disproportionately bearing the brunt of the COVID-19 economic crisis, Elmyra Chinje examines some of the most popular economic proposals and offers some additional models that might constitute a kinder economy for everyone.

Read the article here.

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22 October 2020

The Black Economists Network


The Black Economists Network

The Black Economists Network (pronounced T-BEN for short) is an organisation dedicated to providing a platform through which professionals and students of African and Afro-Caribbean descent in economics can connect, collaborate, share ideas and support each other. We also seek to challenge the lack of diversity within economics related fields by raising the profile of Black people in economics as well as by working alongside other organisations on their diversity strategies.