Fighting For A Green New Deal | Free Word

19 November 2020
19:00 20:30-

Presented by:
Green New Deal UK


Green New Deal UK explore how we can tackle climate breakdown and foster a fairer society

This year unprecedented wildfires and the Coronavirus pandemic have laid bare the cruel inequalities facing the most vulnerable in society. As the climate crisis continues, it is those on the frontlines of global inequality that bear the brunt of devastation. 

Join Green New Deal UK as they share educational resources and offer a live webinar with community organisers to inspire the next generation of climate justice activists and arm them for the fight.  

  • A new blog post in which local Green New Deal organisers will offer expert grassroots organising tips on working towards a Green New Deal
  • A live webinar in which they will share experience and stories of community organising and how you can get involved
  • An accompanying guide for budding Green New Deal organisers in local communities, illustrated by How To Be Kind season artist Charlie Fischer.

19 November 2020
19:00 - 20:30

Green New Deal UK