Taking Back Power: Mapping Out Care | Free Word

14 April 2020
16:00 18:00-

Presented by:
Liv Wynter


An online workshop on spaces of care

Join Liv Wynter for an online workshop that will offer opportunities to up-skill in organising so to ensure vulnerable communities are supported throughout difficult periods of isolation and uncertainty. With some introductions to ideas such as mutual aid, rent strike, unionising, solidarity networks and more, the session will also help us to map out our immediate community, what we need, and what we have to offer to each other. Come and contribute the start of a new community-led resource documenting spaces of care and alternative power.


Ticket holders will be sent a unique link on the day of the event to join online.

14 April 2020
16:00 - 18:00

Liv Wynter


Liv Wynter

Artist, educator, activist and writer

Liv Wynter is a live artist, writer, and activist from SEL. Liv has been performing internationally since 2015, making live art that centres around radical action, community, rage, and power. With successful residencies at Project Indigo, Wysing, FACT, Tate, and working with Free Word, the Hayward Gallery, Liv has gone on to cause chaos through both their personal practice and their commitment to antifascist, antisexist, and anticapitalist organising. Currently, they are dipping their toe into theatre, with their debut, 'And So The Choir Gathers, Before It is Too Late', selling out over 5 nights at The Bunker Theatre Nov 2019. They are currently a support worker at The Outside Project and Hearts and Minds, and stand in solidarity with all groups organising against oppression. Quit your job, join a band, start a gang.