Todmorden: A Circle Of Kindness Grows | Free Word

17 November 2020

Presented by:
Emily Oldfield and Charlie Fischer in partnership with Incredible Edible Todmorden


A comic collaboration from writer Emily Oldfield and artist Charlie Fischer exploring the kindness town of Todmorden. 

Situated on Yorkshire’s boundary with Lancashire, the extraordinary community of Todmorden has spent the last few years nurturing its local infrastructure. A vibrant hub of co-operative, social enterprise now flourishes in defiance of violent corporate agendas and government cuts. 

Todmorden: A Circle of Kindness Grows explores the town’s rich history of kindness and looks at the different contemporary ways this manifests in its community. 

From pulling together during disastrous floods to setting up ‘kindness corners’ and support services during the COVID-19 pandemic, Todmorden is an example of community at its finest. 

This collaboration will give you a glimpse inside the groundbreaking community hubs, pubs, clubs that put Todmorden at the heart of the sharing revolution.

17 November 2020

Emily Oldfield and Charlie Fischer in partnership with Incredible Edible Todmorden


Emily Oldfied


Born in Burnley in 1995, growing up in Rossendale and having recently moved to Calderdale from Manchester, Emily Oldfield is a writer especially drawn to exploring landscape, the feel of place and relationships to it within her work. She is the Editor of Haunt Manchester @hauntMCR at Manchester Metropolitan University, explored Winter Hill for the Edgelandia project @edgelandia (Penned in the Margins), and now is probably wandering somewhere in the South Pennines. Grit is her first poetry pamphlet published by Poetry Salzburg (1 March 2020) ­and delving into histories of the Rossendale Valley. She has long been fascinated by Calderdale, where she worked for a number of years as a young adult (cycling from Burnley to Todmorden to do so!). To explore it further in this project is an exciting next step.

Charlie Fischer


Charlie is an illustrator and image maker with a love for social observation. His work involves busy crowd scenes that are packed with fun and playful ideas that encourage audiences to uncover multiple stories within one image. Since he was a teenager, he has been employed in numerous jobs which have involved experiencing people from all sorts of backgrounds; examining the differences has allowed him to make humorous observations in his work. With everyday experiences and humour being his inspiration, his illustrations turn the mundane into the fantastical.