26 September 2018
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Free Word and TRENCH, with Index on Censorship


How is music that reflects the lives of young people on inner-city estates treated?

“This is how it’s been from the beginning, it’s just that everyone is hearing about it now.”

South London rapper Giggs spoke out in 2010 about the forced cancellations of his shows by the Met Police using the risk assessment Form 696. Eight years later, Form 696 has been scrapped, yet UK drill groups are being banned from YouTube and in some cases prohibited from making music without police approval, in case of lyrics that “encourage violence”.

How is music that reflects the lives of young people on inner-city estates treated in the UK, and what does this say about the censoring of black and brown voices and communities?

Discussion and Q&A with Grime MC P Money, DJ A.G, Drill Producer Carns Hill and Journalist Ciaran Thapar. The discussion can be listened back to here.

This was a pre-season event for THIS IS PRIVATE, and part of Banned Books Week UK.


Photos: Sana Badri

26 September 2018
19:00 - 21:00
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Free Word and TRENCH, with Index on Censorship


Carns Hill

Drill Producer

Carns Hill spent over a decade producing hood classics for the likes of 67, Youngs Teflon, Blade Brown and Reeko Squeeze. Though affiliated with these artists, it does not limit his sound—which is just as accustomed to menacing road rap as it is to frantic drill. Carns dropped his debut album proper, OT3, in February 2015, followed by Family First in January of this year—a sprawling 23-track opus which featured guest verses from some of the newer names in the UK rap scene, including 86, Reekz MB, K-Trap and more.



AG the DJ is slowly becoming a household name, earning rave reviews for both her MNM show on NTS and during global DJ sets. She spent her early days as a blogger documenting Grime, and is now one of the most multi-disciplined and entertaining creatives on the scene today.

P Money

Grime MC

P Money grew up in Lewisham, South London, and started making inroads in Grime in 2009. Having previously released two big projects before then—Coins 2 Notes (2007) and P Money Is Power (2008)— his 2009 mixtape, Money Over Everyone, was the project that gained him critical acclaim. He is now considered the Grime scene oracle

Ciaran Thapar

Writer and Youth Worker

Ciaran Thapar is a freelance youth worker and writer interested in urban community, multiculturalism and UK music. His writing about society and youth violence has appeared in The Guardian and New Statesman, and he writes interviews, features an reviews about UK rap and drill music for publications such as Pitchfork, Crack and FACT. He is planning a book about the changing face of community life in Brixton, south London. Alongside writing, Ciaran has experience mentoring young people as a youth worker in schools, community centres and prisons.