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26 November 2020

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Brian Yazzie and Adrienne Katz Kennedy


Activist and chef Brian Yazzie discusses Indigenous food, community, education and positive role modeling in this article co-written by Adrienne Katz Kennedy.

Brian Yazzie used to spend his days traveling the country as an Indigenous food consultant and chef. Now he works alongside volunteers at the Minneapolis American Indian Center, supporting local Indigenous Elders in South Minnesota by cooking and delivering fresh, daily meals. 

The #FeedingOurElders project began at the start of the COVID-19 crisis in the US. Since the city received sheltering orders, it has been running five days a week, serving over 100 meals daily to some of the area’s most vulnerable people. 

In this time of scarcity, Yazzie and #FeedingOurElders is leading the way with love and strength. 

This article is a Free Word co-commission with Vittles exploring the intersection of kindness and food.

26 November 2020

Brian Yazzie and Adrienne Katz Kennedy


Brian Yazzie

Chef and activist

(Diné/Navajo) is a chef and food justice activist from Dennehotso, Arizona, now based in Saint Paul, MN. He is the founder of Intertribal Foodways catering company, a 2016 graduate of Saint Paul College Culinary Arts Program, delegate of Slow Food Turtle Island Association, and a member at I-Collective: a collective of cooks, chefs, seed keepers, farmers, foragers, and scholars, focused on bringing awareness to the cultural appropriations of Indigenous foods of the Americas. Yazzie’s career is devoted to the betterment of tribal communities, wellness, and health. His media appearances include Independent Lens, Alter-NATIVE and Taste the Nation with Padma Lakshmi. Yazzie was recently appointed Executive Chef at Gatherings Café, located inside the Minneapolis American Indian Center and is currently working with other chefs and volunteers to deliver support to Native Elder communities within the Twin Cities and Navajo Nation, in the midst of the pandemic crisis.

Adrienne Katz Kennedy


is a trained dance anthropologist, now food writer. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, she has called London home for the last 14 years by way of formidable time spent living in New Mexico. Adrienne’s work explores the connections between food, culture, and identity, occasionally drawing upon her Jewish heritage as a jumping-off point for exploration.