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How do writers find their creative voice, to become more purposeful storytellers?

Often, we become obsessed with ‘what’ is written, and neglect to connect with ‘why’ we write in the first place. By focusing on our personal experiences, we will try to reconnect with our reasons for writing, and what we want to achieve with our voice.

In this inspiring and introspective free workshop with award-winning novelist Patrice Lawrence, writers will be tasked with identifying their motivation for writing, so that they can connect with readers on a deeper, more powerful, level.

Each section of the workshop begins with a brief intro video followed by a PDF presentation and is available for participants to complete in their own time. 


To participate you will need:

  • A laptop, PC, tablet or phone with an internet connection
  • A pen and paper or writing equipment


No previous writing experience is necessary. The workshop should take approximately two hours and can be completed at your own pace. 

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Introduction (part 1)


Introduction (part 2)


Introduction (part 3)


Click here for the workshop resource. The PDF will prompt you with video exercises which you can find listed below:


Finding Your Voice: Exercise 1


Finding Your Voice: Exercise 2


Finding Your Voice: Exercise 3


Finding Your Voice: Exercise 4


Finding Your Voice: Exercise 5


Finding Your Voice: Exercise 6


Final exercise – “Your Powerful Story”


We hope you enjoyed this workshop. Please don’t forget to fill in our online audience survey here.


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