Pamphlet: Tactics Of Defence | Free Word

Tactics Of Defence took place at Free Word on 24th October 2019, as part of our Writing Our Way Home Season.


In the midst of a housing crisis where home is as precarious as ever, where the wealthy and powerful set the terms for our survival, how do those who are vulnerable to having their homes and community spaces taken away begin to fight back – and win?

As part of Free Word’s Writing Our Way Home season, community activist Ed Daffarn & rapper and activist Lowkey curated a space for activists to compile post-workshop pamphlet reflecting on the successes and limitations of resisting threats to your home.

The evening was facilitated by councillor & activist Sakina Sheikh with mini-workshops run by Ed Daffarn, Lowkey, member of Defend Council Housing Eileen Short, activist and political theatre-maker Emer Mary-Morris, artist and educator Toby Laurent Belson and secretary of Haringey Defend Council Housing Paul Burnham.  These workshops alongside contributions from participants helped to shape the Tactics Of Defence pamphlet.


Access the pamphlet here.


Photos: Rowan Spray