Podcast: Juz Amma, The Qur'an in Public | Free Word

How often do you hear the Qur’an recited in public by someone who isn’t a man?


JUZ AMMA: THE QUR’AN IN PUBLIC took place at Free Word on International Women’s Day 2019, as part of our All The Ways We Could Grow Season.


Marking both International Women’s Day 2019, and the first event of All The Ways We Could Grow, Inclusive Mosque Initiative (IMI), supported by Free Word, presents a discussion on the significance of recitation as a tradition of liturgy and the representation of female and non-binary Muslim voices within this tradition.

Chaired by IMI Trustee Halima Gosai Hussain, the conversation features peace activist and writer Madinah Javed and IMI Trustee Wasi Daniju. In this podcast you’ll also find melodic recitations from the final chapters of the Qur’an as well as an exclusive trailer to IMI’s upcoming digital sound installation – which you can preview here.


Listen to the audio recording:


Photos: Rowan Spray