Podcast: My Father's House | Free Word

My Father’s House took place at Free Word on 5 November 2019, as part of our Writing Our Way Home Season.


How do explorations of our personal histories inform our understanding of home?

Rathbones Folio Prize and Ted Hughes Award-winning poet Raymond Antrobus, multi-award-winning poet and memoirist Hannah Lowe and acclaimed writer, historian and producer Colin Grant have all written compellingly about their fathers’ experiences emigrating from Jamaica to the UK. How have they interpreted these shared, yet distinct, family stories in their work, and how has it shaped them as writers?

Listen back as celebrated writers Raymond Antrobus, Hannah Lowe and Colin Grant explore stories of Caribbean fatherhood. In collaboration with Arvon.

The event is introduced by Andrew Kidd, Arvon’s Chief Executive and Artistic Director.