Podcast: The Secret Life Of Novels | Free Word

THE SECRET LIFE OF NOVELS took place at Free Word on 6 November 2018, as part of our This Is Private Season.


Novels arrive on bookshelves as if they were always whole and perfect. But what is kept hidden from view? And what is the effect of keeping that process – the scenes from the cutting room floor, the false starts, the dead ends and failed drafts – hidden?

Free Word residents The Literary Consultancy held the first The Secret Life of Novels conversation, shining a light on the secret life of novels and exploring the evolution of a book from first idea to final draft.

Writers Wyl MenmuirFiona Melrose and Amer Anwar joined for a no holds barred look at the notebooks, graphs, sketches and scribbles no one ever gets to see, sharing their creative process with an open and reflective conversation.


Listen to the podcast: