Self Care versus Career Development | Free Word

How do you self care and develop your career at the same time?

Are you constantly feeling like your self-care has to take second place to your career? As individuals how do we self care whilst maintaining both our career development and professional persona? As an organisation how do you support employee self-care and enhance your business? Recorded at an event at Free Word, this podcast addresses a question that has become increasingly difficult in the current economic, social and political climate. Featuring: Arts Council England Changemaker Suzanne Alleyne; Tourettes Hero Jess Thom; Paraorchestra Jonathan Harper; HR Professional and counsellor Lisa Bent; arts producer, consultant and coach Elizabeth Lynch; and psychotherapist and counsellor Dawn Estefan.

Supported by Free Word, Arts Council England, Apples and Snakes, The Watch Men Agency, d237 and Arts Professional.



Reading List: Somalinimo (till I dhimo)

Curated by Amina Jama

Reading List

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Somalinimo (till I dhimo)

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