Soof In Private Exhibition | Free Word

Soof In Private is a specially commissioned response to Free Word’s This Is Private Season, created by visual artist Soofiya

The exhibition explores the online public and private spaces we occupy, designed as a point of self-reflection. Bold, brave, funny and joyous, it asks us to question what our search history, messages, posts and comments say about our identities.

This Is Private launch party at Free Word marked the exhibition debut, which then ran on consecutive Fridays throughout November of last year.



Photography: Rowan Spray


Reading List: Somalinimo (till I dhimo)

Curated by Amina Jama

Reading List

Part of Writing Our Way Home season

Writing Our Way Home: Installation

Installation by RESOLVE Collective

Part of Writing Our Way Home season

Somalinimo (till I dhimo)

Installation by Amina Jama

Part of Writing Our Way Home season