The Neurology Of Power | Free Word

Enjoy this podcast with Creative Strategist Suzanne Alleyne and CEO & Artistic Director of Eclipse Theatre, Amanda Huxtable, exploring how preconceptions of how ‘success’ and ‘power’ affect our mindsets. This conversation draws on neurology to begin to explore what is happening in our brains when we acquire or lose power and what this might mean for our own power and agency. Part of Free Word’s Finding Power In Isolation season.



Suzanne Alleyne is a Cultural Thinker, a term she coined to describe her working practice. She works at the intersection of academic research, business and culture. She explores, interrogates, and studies the big questions currently facing contemporary society. Her passion and skill is to create new and mutually beneficial partnerships that develop and test new models and ways of working through collaboration. Organisations she has worked with include Channel 4, Adidas, Switzerland Tourism, Barclaycard, Palace of Westminster, The Roundhouse, Wellcome Trust and The Southbank Centre.  She is an inaugural Arts Council England Changemaker, a brand ambassador for Achates Philanthropy, an inaugural co-chair of What’s Next and a visiting research associate and guest lecturer in Arts and Cultural Management at King’s College London.




Amanda Huxtable is the new CEO and Artistic Director of Eclipse Theatre which celebrates its tenth and most unusual year in 2020! Amanda has enjoyed directing for theatre for over 20 years. She most recently trained as an ITV Television Director after supporting the casting of the Baileys, a new Black family in Coronation Street. Bold and innovative with a nod to the historical and relevant, Amanda is a versatile Director and Creative Producer. Through her work, she examines collective histories in relation to the social sciences and human behaviours. She has made numerous productions with both professional and community cast members combined. The latest funded by XR Stories with Vanitas Arts research in immersive digital theatre. Amanda’s training ground consisted of both the University of Manchester, where she studied performing arts, visual arts and creative writing and essential time spent with various communities, and Manchester Dance School. Her leadership roles in the cultural sector include being an inaugural Changemaker in 2017 and serving as a member of the Senior Management team at Hull Truck Theatre.