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Talia Randall’s What Words Are Ours? showcases D/deaf and hearing talent in a poetry knees-up featuring a kaleidoscope of performances, from comedians, BSL poets, cabaret artists, visual vernacular performers, to rising stars of the spoken word scene.

As part of Free Word’s Finding Power in Isolation season of online content, Talia presents this special podcast edition of What Words Are Ours? as part of her podcast series Cassette Tape Radio featuring work from Lisa Luxx, Zia Ahmed, Jackie Hagan, Amina Jama, Cheryl Dole and The Repeat Beat Poet.


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A Hero’s Legacy


‘A Hero’s Legacy’ is a Visual Vernacular performance following the story of a soldier and his family by Ish’s VV World. Commissioned as part of Talia’s poetry-knees up What Words Are Ours?

Ish’s VV World creates and performs Visual Vernacular (or VV), an art form pioneered by Deaf artists that uses movement to communicate a story. Unlike British Sign language (BSL), VV isn’t a language with grammar or syntax, it’s all about creating and recreating movement to express an idea or narrative. If you’ve never seen VV before you may want to watch this interview with Talia Randall and Ish’s VV World.

“I love performing VV, it’s a way I can express the beauty of our universal form of communication”

— Ish


Watch ‘A Hero’s Legacy’ below: