Writing Our Way Home: Installation | Free Word

Home is in crisis.

Belonging, permanence and community feel more precarious now than any time in recent history. How can we reframe ‘home’ as a fundamental right accessible to all?

As part of Free Word’s Writing Our Way Home season, RESOLVE Collective have transformed the surfaces, edges, nooks and crannies of our main space into a site where you can physically touch the codes and structures that govern our homes.

We invite you to re-work, appropriate and annotate on these.

Speak truth to power on the policy wall, have your say on the pasquino doors, indulge in different zines and texts from the scaffold sculpture or sit and converse on the brick platforms. By showcasing alternative voices and texts, we challenge you to rethink the systems and beliefs that have normalised the social crisis we are living through.

In this space, textual and material hierarchies are flipped upside down and turned inside out, creating a perfectly disordered state of confusion from which to speak, act and write our way home. Join us.

RESOLVE is an interdisciplinary design collective bringing architecture, engineering, technology and art together to address social challenges.

Season branding: THREAD Design | Photography: RESOLVE Collective